Kids Activities in NYC

By Digital Drum on Nov 20, 2012 1:01 PM CST
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Feelday is an activity guide for playful families. Our mission is simple: We help families find great local activities that are right for them. We help families get off of the couch and into the real world.

Go online to get offline.

Much too often technology breaks us apart. From hours on Facebook and always being connected to our work emails to countless hours in front of the TV and game console. We would like to do our small part in changing this trend. Use Feelday to go offline, unwind and create memories together.

Built as a service.

Feelday is the first smart service tailored to parents and families that wish to find things to do. Find activities in your area, filter by price, mood, age and more, share with friends and go.

Events, Events, Events

We search the web for the best local events in your area. We love unique and timely family events that, if we don't tell you about them, you will miss out on. That's why we are more interested in showing you the bird watching event going on this weekend in your local park rather than the Lion King on Broadway or the Yankees game.

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