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By underEXPOSED TV on Feb 21, 2013 6:06 PM CST
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Great stories of adventure depend on words and pictures – the talents of a writer and photographer to bring them home. Incredible duos past and present; Cahill and Nichols, Salak and Model, Jenkins and Chin – true partnerships that elevated each other’s work, and above all else, lifted the story.

underEXPOSED is an adrenaline-packed, 13 episode series that follows a new partnership between two emerging Aboriginal extreme sport storytellers, photographer Mason Mashon and writer Tannis Baradziej who are teaming up to chase their first assignments together.

Whether he’s knee-deep in snow on the slopes near his Whistler, BC home, or pushing deep into the wilderness pursuing new lines with the best freeride mountain bikers in the world, Mason always comes back with a shot that’s admired for its authenticity and depth. Mason’s talents as a mountain biker and snowboarder allow him rare insight into the subjects he chases.

The other side of the story falls to Tannis Baradziej, an aspiring writer whose path has traced gigs with mountain town weeklies, big city papers and spinning PR for resorts. Opinionated and curious, Tannis will be challenged to provide additional context to Mason’s content.

Like every partnership, this one will be forged as much by collaboration as it will be by the interaction between these two driven and talented individuals.

Across underEXPOSEDs 13-episode journey, viewers will share the ride with Mason and Tannis as they visit breathtaking locations, engage with unique personalities and endeavor to tell and sell their stories to extreme sports magazines and online publications.

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*Photos Mason Mashon and Sheldon Pearson

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