What is Digital Drum? The Basics: DD 101

By Brett Huson on Feb 28, 2013 5:05 PM CST
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I am using the Digital Drum Blog tool to create a post about what Digital Drum is. In doing this, you can see exactly what you're able to use this site for. Digital Drum is a website built to share content, whether you've created that content or you are simply sharing content from another website.

So why would you want to share content here when you already have Facebook and Twitter? Well Facebook and twitter are websites that are focused on the social aspects of networking. Digital Drum is here for the soul purpose of helping you create content or put some of your favourite content into one place (kind of like a digital diary of sorts). Digital Drum also links with your Facebook and Twitter accounts and if you don't feel like creating a new account from scratch with your email address, you can even sign up to Digital Drum using your Facebook or Twitter accounts. When you explore Digital Drum, you will begin to notice that the website does have some social aspects to following content creators, however the website isn't just about social networking. You will come here to explore other peoples ideas, content that they love to share, and content that others create. If you're an artist, writer, doctor, physician, or designer, you can come here to explore content that's related to your field.

Digital Drum is also focused on creating it's own content to share with the world. Although Digital Drum is for everybody, it will focus on content that explores both the historical and current identities of the Aboriginal peoples across Canada and around the globe. Think of Digital Drum as a gathering place. A place where young Aboriginal people can share their pride through cultural content that they share or create. So not only will users share the latest news, music, or gadgets, they will share what identify's them as Aboriginal people. This content will filter its way through the many other non Aboriginal users who are exploring Digital Drum. This is something that can help break stereotypes not only between Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal people, but also between the different nations among Aboriginal Peoples as well. 

Don't forget that Digital Drum is free. Some users who grow a large following or fan base, may also become designated Digital Drum Producers/Creators. This may allow those designated users to access some benefits exclusive to them, such as Digital Drum All Access Passes to events, prizes, more promotion of their content, and maybe even a chance to be a part of a live webcast/broadcast. 

Don't forget that you can share anything you want on Digital Drum. There are user guidlines that you can follow, but Digital Drum is more or less monitored by the users (the same way YouTube is). So feel free to post any sort of content, just use your common sense. If enough users become offended by your content and flag it enough, it will be evaluated and quarentined from the site. 

So this is just a brief on everything you can do with Digital Drum. I hope this helps and hope that you start sharing!


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